Dingo's Appeal

Dingo's Appeal
Dingo's AppealDingo's AppealDingo's Appeal
Dingo's AppealDingo's AppealDingo's Appeal
Amount:  €1.00


As you may recall, our dog Dingo has had a rough couple of months.

He ended up very, very ill and was at the vet receiving treatment for a while.

It was found that he has heart problems and he now has seizures.

He’s made some improvement, but he really needs 24 hour care in a home with garden access.

Maya has been caring for him at her apartment, but it’s getting difficult as she has no garden access and needs to take him down many flights for bathroom breaks. She’s also at the shelter everyday caring for our dogs and Dingo needs to have someone home with him.

We have found a lovely person to care for him in a warm home with a garden.

It will cost just €100 per month.

We are hoping to be able to find help or sponsors for Dingo’s ongoing monthly care.

If you are able to help, we would be so grateful.


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