Help Save Bruno's Eyesight

Help Save Bruno's Eyesight
Help Save Bruno's EyesightHelp Save Bruno's EyesightHelp Save Bruno's Eyesight
Help Save Bruno's EyesightHelp Save Bruno's Eyesight
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Bruno has a cataract and glaucoma. The vets are unable to operate in Bosnia so he will eventually go blind. A very generous supporter has offered to pay for transport to our foster in the UK, who has kindly agreed to help.

It will cost around £3,000 for the operation which we are hoping to raise from the kind and generous help of our supporters.

Update (August 2018).

Thanks so much to everyone who has donated so far to Bruno’s eye drops. As you can see, you have made him smile!

Today the vet had a look at Bruno, the situation did not change much, but his eye pressure was lower this time.

He will continue with antibiotics and drops over the next 10 days. The vet said that Bruno could have an eye injury that caused all of this. He will write a review and give and give an opinion of Bruno. Bruno is playing and eating.

Much Love from Bruno

Update (February 2019)

Our dear Bruno is now with his foster in the UK. He will be getting eye surgery. Unfortunately, he was having bleeding and issues. He was taken to the vet, given tests and had surgery to remove the tumor. His tumor is thankfully benign, but it’s a virus that needs to be killed and requires treatment. Any donation will specifically go to this treatment for Bruno. Without it, it will be hard to find him a forever home as this virus will continue to produce tumors that will need to be removed and will reduce his quality of life. More info below from his foster mum, Melissa Black:

“Today Bruno was at Langford again for a check up, unfortunately Brunos left eye cannot be saved as the trauma/cataract has destroyed any chance of this. Bruno has also been undergoing treatment for a transmissible venereal tumour found at the base of his penis even though this type of tumour is not cancerous it can still cause him problems in the future and his contact with other dogs is very limited. He will have to undergo chemotherapy to eradicate the disease which costs £250 per treatment and he will need 8 treatments there for the money raised so far will go towards this treatment. Once he is well enough we can then find him his forever home.”


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