Sponsor Ariel and Melody

Sponsor Ariel and Melody
Sponsor Ariel and MelodySponsor Ariel and MelodySponsor Ariel and Melody
Sponsor Ariel and MelodySponsor Ariel and MelodySponsor Ariel and Melody
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Mother and daughter, Ariel and Melody were rescued a couple of months back in absolutely terrible condition. Saving them was an absolute confidence because back then we were looking for puppies someone reported thrown into a well whose mum we managed to save. Sadly we never found the puppies but we found these two beauties.

Underweight, hungry, exhausted and covered with parasites that caused them both to have mange, the duo was close to giving up.

Fast forward to today, with lots of love, care, and medical attention, the girls are happy and ready for their home together.

Ariel is the more cautious of the two, always looking out for her daughter. At 8 months old, Melody is a happy puppy who only knows fear when she is far from her mum.

After all suffering, we cannot separate them so we are looking for a home that will take both girls.