In The UK

Age (Years):  6
Year Of Birth:  2016
In Shelter Since:  2017
Sex:  Female
Breed:  German Shepherd X Balkan Hound
Colour:  Black and Tan
Size:  Medium
Weight (Kgs):  18 - 20 kg
Good With Children?  Yes
Good With Other Dogs?  Yes
Good With Cats?  No
Energy Level:  Playful but not overly energetic
Temperament:  A little shy
Experienced Owners Only:  Yes, a little nervous of new people
Neutered:  Yes
Vaccinated:  Yes
Microchipped:  Yes

Meet Mala (which means little in Bosnian). She is a 6 years old mix of German Shepard and Balkan Hound.

Mala has been living in the UK for the last 2 years and is being fostered near Oxford.

All she needs is a home she will not be sent from. A home that will allow her to build up her trust and confidence levels. A home that will not give up on her when she has a setback as there will be some.

She is a very loving dog rescued from the streets of Bosnia as a very little puppy. Even so by the time, she arrived at the shelter she was already traumatised.

Mala can be homed as an only dog or into a home with a resident dog that could show her the way. She cannot home in a family with little kids as she is scared of them. A house with a big garden would be very welcome as it would allow her to explore and run.

She loves to explore her area and does lots of sniffing in new places. She enjoys walks and has even developed an unusual friendship with Stanley the horse she sees on her daily walks. She loves seeing dogs on her walks but the introduction has to be done slowly.

She is very good around her friend Vuchka who was adopted from the same shelter.

She needs to be walked on a lead as she has not been recall trained just yet. But we are confident that over time when her trust develops she will be good off the lead as well.

Mala only needs someone to give her a chance to blossom into the dog we know she can be.

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Adopting from our shelter is probably easier than you think. Before adoption, all dogs are vaccinated, microchipped, treated for worms and fleas, and have their own passports. To help defer those costs, we ask for a donation fee of 500 Euros (approx £430) which includes adoption fee and transportation costs. As the transport costs do vary, we can help with fundraising for these costs if necessary.

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