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Simo's Friends Sanctuary
 Simo's Friends SanctuarySimo's Friends Sanctuary 
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Our sweet Simo was the loveliest dog one could have ever met. He was full of love, joy and happiness. He came to our shelter after he narrowly escaped death by the dog catchers. Simo lived at the shelter for 6 years before dying from cancer aged 12 years old.

We never really understood how this gorgeous boy was never adopted. We feel the same about so many of our older dogs who have been with us for years. The lovely souls who have now reached their golden years are in desperate need of more comfort while they live out their last years at the shelter.

We have sadly lost hope that those among them with a serious medical condition will ever be adopted.

But that does not mean they cannot live in absolute comfort. So in Simo’s memory and for the benefit of many of our dogs we have decided to start a new branch of our charity - Simo’s Friends Sanctuary for older dogs.

Join us on this journey and help us make their golden years the best ones yet.

How can you join?

1. Become a virtual adopter of one of our senior dogs.
Virtual adopters will be crucial for this program to work as some of our dogs need special food (on top of senior-friendly food), expensive medication or physio. 
2. Pledge a monthly donation to help raise much-needed funds.
3. Help us buy the crucial cabin so we can move the old and injured dogs from the kennels into a warm and comfortable structure (we need a total of £1500 to make this possible)
4. Share our story with your friends and family so we reach as many people as possible.
5. Ask your vet if they have any returned medication they would like to donate to our charity.
6. Organise fundraising events.

It has never been more crucial to think of the future of our senior dog than it is today. They grow older in front of our eyes and we feel obligated to provide them with a proper home in case their forever homes do not find them in time.

In Simo’s memory, we pledge to love them and cherish them for as long as they will grace us with their smiles, barks, and tail wags.


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