Age (Years)  1
Year Of Birth  2022
In Shelter Since  2023
Sex  Female
Breed  mix
Colour  Black
Size  Medium
Weight (Kgs)  17 kg
Good With Other Dogs?  Yes
Good With Cats?  Not Tested
Energy Level  Energetic and playful
Neutered  Yes
Vaccinated  Yes
Microchipped  Yes


This is Nika. When we found her, due to financial difficulties and slow adoptions we couldn’t afford a place for her in shelter. So she was placed in a safer area and fed daily.

Nika soon gained weight and was getting healthier every day while we work hard on finding a permanent solution for her. Sadly some villagers did not like having an extra dog near them and soon we found her with a terrible injury on her leg caused by a shotgun.

We first thought it was a bite wound by another dog but the vet confirmed it was indeed a shotgun wound. You can imagine how we feel knowing that this incident was preventable.

Luckily, Nika is a fighter and she recovered well. She is now happy girl who loves playing with her friends at the shelter and cannot wait for her forever home.

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