Age (Years)  1.5
Year Of Birth  2020
In Shelter Since  2023
Sex  Male
Breed  Mix
Colour  Black
Size  Medium
Weight (Kgs)  17 kg
Good With Children?  Yes
Good With Other Dogs?  Yes
Good With Cats?  Yes
Energy Level  Energetic and playful
Temperament  Fun happy boy, will make a good companion
Experienced Owners Only  No
Neutered  Yes
Vaccinated  Yes
Microchipped  Yes


Hi hoomins!

Up till couple of days ago I was living in the streets minding my own business when this fluffy cloud showed up and decided to stick with me. I could tell the boy didn’t know the streets and the best spots to have some rest so I took him under my wing.

After some time this lady showed up and called: Rocco! I was confused but the fluffy cloud wiggled his bum (he’s got no proper tail) and went to her. I figured out she must be cool as cloud never approached anyone.

The lady was crying and laughing at the same time and I was wondering what her problem was. She then looked at me and said thank you and that I was coming home with her.

I love adventure so I was all like sure lady no problem as long as you feed me and you take my boy cloud with us.

So off we went in a car on a long journey to a freaking vet! Can you believe it! After all the good work I did looking after tail-less cloud she took me to the vet to have me tortured with needles and they took away my family jewels!

But then they brought me into a warm home and I was nice and clean, and warm, and fed and… LOVED? I did not know hoomins loved us!! They gave me my very own bed and even a name! I’m now named Noah!

I like it here. I think I might stay. Unless someone wants to offer me a nice, warm home?


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