Age (Years)  2
Year Of Birth  2020
Sex  Female
Breed  Mixed
Colour  Black
Size  small-medium
Weight (Kgs)  16kg
Good With Children?  Yes
Good With Other Dogs?  Yes
Good With Cats?  Yes
Energy Level  Medium
Temperament  Loving, prefers to be around people and cuddled
Experienced Owners Only  No
Neutered  Yes
Vaccinated  Yes
Microchipped  Yes


Our gorgeous Simba in an incredible dog. In June 2021 she gave birth to 9 puppies. We lost two to parvovirus but she nursed and raised the awesome 7 to incredible dogs they are today. Her puppies soon became the sensation and Obi, Juno, Loki (Sparky), and Marly were adopted soon. Sky is fostered in the UK and Ramona will soon join him. This leaves the littlest and shyest one Boop. Boop is a real mama's girl and is Simba's little shadow. Both girls are gentle natured and would be an incredible addition to a loving family ready to welcome them both.
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