Buy Alon Christmas Dinner For Just 5 Euros

Buy Alon Christmas Dinner For Just 5 Euros
Amount:  €5.00

Each year we have dogs that are in our shelter over the festive period for whom we want to make this time as special as we can.

Just 5 Euros will buy a dog's Christmas Dinner.  We also make sure that all the dogs get a little something special for Christmas.

We won't let the dogs miss out on this special time of year.

So please help make a difference to the less fortunate dogs out there and buy them a Christmas dinner today.

Note : Just because it may say "Dinner Bought" for a particular dog that doesn't stop you from buying that dog a second or third meal.

Age (Years)  7
Year Of Birth  2016
In Shelter Since  2016
Sex  Male
Breed  Kangal cross
Colour  Brown, grey, white
Size  Medium
Weight (Kgs)  approx 20kg
Good With Children?  Older children
Good With Other Dogs?  Yes
Good With Cats?  Not Tested
Energy Level  medium energy and playful
Temperament  sweet and loving
Experienced Owners Only  Yes, a little nervous of new people
Neutered  Yes
Vaccinated  Yes
Microchipped  Yes


Alon is a wonderful 7-year-old dog who has been waiting patiently in the shelter for far too long. Alon is a friendly but shy dog who is afraid of new situations and takes time to trust people. He needs a family with experience and patience, and with your help, he can finally find his forever home.

Alon has been in the shelter for years, and we believe he deserves a second chance at a happy life. Despite his shyness, Alon is a sweet and loving dog who craves attention and affection. He is vaccinated, chipped, and neutered, and he is ready to become a loyal and devoted member of your family.

We understand that Alon's shyness can be a challenge for some families, but we believe that with the right care and attention, he can overcome his fears and become a happy and confident dog. Alon needs someone who can provide him with love, patience, and understanding. He deserves a family who will see him for the wonderful dog that he is, and not just his shyness.

We urge you to consider adopting Alon and giving him the love and care he deserves. He has been waiting far too long for his forever home, and we believe he deserves a second chance. If you are interested in meeting Alon, please contact us at the shelter in the first instance.

Thank you for considering adoption and helping us find Alon his forever home.