Fund For 7 Babies

Fund For 7 Babies
Fund For 7 BabiesFund For 7 BabiesFund For 7 Babies
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We're reaching out today with a heartwarming story and an urgent plea for your support. Recently, we rescued 7 adorable puppies who were sadly found abandoned on the streets. But before they can join our loving shelter community, they need a safe haven to start their journey.

Here's the challenge: To prevent any potential spread of illness to our other furry friends, these precious pups must be quarantined for a while. Unfortunately, our shelter doesn't have a dedicated quarantine area yet. This means we need to rent private kennels or a pet boarding facility, which comes with a cost of €500.

That's where you come in! Every donation, big or small, will bring us closer to providing these vulnerable puppies with the care they need. 

Your contribution will cover:

  • Safe and comfortable accommodations: Renting a clean, spacious kennel or boarding facility ensures they have a warm place to rest and recover.
  • Nutritious food: Fueling their growing bodies with healthy meals will help them thrive.
  • Essential medical care: We'll provide them with any necessary vaccinations and treatments to keep them healthy and happy.

While renting a temporary space is our immediate solution, we dream of building a dedicated quarantine area within our shelter. This will allow us to rescue even more animals in need, providing a safe haven right from the start. But for now, your generosity will make all the difference for these seven precious souls.

Please donate today and help us give these pups a brighter future! Every euro counts!


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