Tina Atlagic

Tina joined the Hope team in December 2021 first as a foster mum to our senior dog Cherry. After Cherry passed away she continued helping as a foster parent both as a short-term and a long-term solutions. In 2022 total of 6 dogs and 4 cats have lived in her home at various stages before going to their forever homes. Until a little boy named Obi stole her heart and became a second failed foster (after Cherry).

However, Tina's rescue story starts in her childhood when she tried to rescue dogs and cats in Bosnia. The very first animal she rescued was a cat called Makica who she made her Granda adopt. Makica was a cherished family member for over a decade. After adopting her own cat Rio in 2019 her rescue journey started for real. 

Since joining the Hope admin team, Tina has helped with fostering, home checks and facilitating adoptions in London area and in the UK. She helps in various tasks and her first hand understanding of Bosnian street animals is often very useful. As of December 2022 her passion project is Simo's Friends Sanctuary for senior dogs. She hopes to provide senior dogs with health issues with life as close to home environment as it can be done in the shelter.