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18 October 2020  |  Admin

Hello fur friends!

It’s your favourite editors at large Maz and Seth.  (Seth reporting first as Maz is asleep on mum and dad’s bed !!).  We trust this newsletter finds you all well as we hear that there’s a nasty bug thing (we keep hearing this word CoVid, but we have no idea what it is) which is making people very sick.

In this newsletter we’ll update you on what’s been going on in the motherland, which of our fur-cousins have found their fur-ever and foster homes and special mentions for those who are at the shelter and desperately need a home.   Firstly, an apology for the delay between newsletters, our hooman mum is working from home and hooman dad has been doing something called a dissertation, so that means we haven’t been able to get on the computer.  It really cramps our style and we cannot catch up as often as we would like (however the benefits are that we get our treats at a more regular time!).  Here are some photos of how stressed it has made us!

Maz here – Seth seems to have taken a liking to that Eeyore cushion, and that is my favourite duvet! Jess likes her little hideaway; she says it is peaceful and away from us boys – we don’t know why; we are just lovable rogues!!

So, with this nasty bug going around and another word we keep hearing “lockdown” it has meant that we have not travelled around as often, so we have been exploring local areas.  Some of the photos above, are us at a local place called “Paws at the Junction”.  It is a great place with 3 paddocks.  We go in one to run around and chat with other dogs who are in the others! Seth here – I think some dogs have trouble understanding us sometimes and they must speak another language, as they just ignore me.  But I enjoy it as it means I can run up and down the side of the paddock trying to communicate with them and without a lead on!  It also helps as some days we have to take it easy where Jess is concerned, as she struggles with walking long distances these days and dad says she gets ‘confuddled’ because her eyesight is not as good as when she was a young sprightly Labrador.

Our explorations have also taken us to different woods close to our home and on the moors. We can hunt pheasants and squirrels and the smells give us what are hooman parents call a ‘Sensory overload’ (Please don’t worry about the pheasants and squirrels, they are always too fast for us).  We also see Big furry white rocks which walk around, but our parents always make sure we are on a lead when we get close to them.  Apparently ‘sheep’ can get a bit frightened of us woofers!

However, that is enough about us for this newsletter…though this nasty CoVid has made things really difficult across the globe, we have had some good news and over the past few months there has been quite a few adoptions and fosters.  We apologise if we have missed anyone out, but here are some photos and shout outs to those who have recently found their “Furever” (or foster) Homes.

Linda (now known as Molly), Diesel & Beauty (brother and sister who have been adopted together), Nick (now known as Bear), Poly, Nesa, Ogy and Mona.

Flora & Blackie (now Hattie) who have also been homed together, Gaia, Bobi, Mason, Kitty and Baz.  We have to give a big shout out to Richard as our hooman mum and Nan had sponsored him for the last couple of years, but he has finally got his new home!

On behalf our “fur friend / cousins/ brothers and sisters” big thank you to everyone who has adopted / fostered them and to those who have helped make this happen.  Seth here – we are also feeling very proud of ourselves as some of these have featured in our previous newsletters, so we like to think that we have played a part too.  On that note, we would like to introduce you to a couple more woofers who really need a home!

Maz here again, I have taken over as I would like you to introduce you to someone very special – my mum Nancy!  She is around 13 years old (though I have been told you never ask a Lady her age) and she has been at Hope for approx. 4 years.  Maya has advised that she will need a quiet place and a family / person who will be patient with her whilst she gets settled.  Ideally, we need to find a home in either Germany or France, as they think that travelling for too long would be too much stress! Unless she had a stay over, somewhere to break the journey up.  Maya, Adnan and the others do try and find the best solutions, for all the older dogs at their shelter!

Next, we have Gringo.  Sanela tells us that because he was a larger dog, people found him to be a nuisance when he lived on the streets.  They knew he was threatened with death, and naturally they saved him to give him a chance, to find a home.  They have found him to be very affectionate and sweet and gets along with people.  So, they need to find him a home with someone who can handle larger dogs!

Hope are also looking for sponsors for Mazie.  She currently lives at a special pension where Hope places any special needs dogs.  Mazie has a deformed back leg that will need surgery once she’s finished growing.  Though at the moment, she’s happy living with her friends, but any sponsor money would help towards the fees of €75.  Sponsors can start from €5-€15 a month, so if you cannot foster or adopt, you can still help!

Finally, we would like to end this edition with some photos of ex-Hope Dogs enjoying life / lockdown with their new families Also as promised in our Virtual Dog Show special there is a photo of Nell with her trophy for being the best dressed!

In these photos we have Medo and Layla ensuring street safety and ensuring people are adhering to Lockdown and staying indoors! There is Alis having a spa day in her pink pool and Connor celebrating his birthday.  We also have Vucka, Luka, Elsa, Zuta, Luna, Suki, Mia and Safet.  Once again, please accept our apologies if we have forgotten anyone, but please keep sending us your updates! If you do want to feature in our next newsletter, please send the details to:

Take Care and Stay Safe

Love Maz, Seth (and Jess)


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