Newsletter March 2021 - Issue 13

13 March 2021  |  Admin

Hello fur friends!

It is us, Maz and Seth (well actually Seth as Maz is asleep on mum and dad’s new bed) your favourite editors at large.  How are you all?  We are all fine, bored with the nasty rain and fed up with all the mud on our favourite walks! The Hoomans appear to be in another lockdown, we don’t understand it, we just know that out hooman mum and dad can’t take us to the beach! As we have been stuck at home and only going on short car rides to the local parts of Dartmoor, we can’t tell you about any new places we have been to since we last spoke to you.  However, we can still run about and roll about in fluffy grass. We have also found that we like having our head massaged.  It is sooooo relaxing!!!

Hang on a second, the local bark-telegraph is going off, it seems the strange man that puts bit of paper through the hole in the door is coming up the street, time to go and tell him to go away. (Maz here folks, Seth is off barking at the postman or the nice person from the internet company mum and dad buy a lot of stuff from, the place which begins with an A, (I like them as they give me treats!).  Dad doesn’t know it yet, but I have been showing off my computer skills (again) and created more collages of all our Christmas photos, so there will be some, funny, cute and frankly humiliating photos of all of us (as you can tell by Seth’s face, he is not impressed)!  As this is a photo special there will be no fireside chat this month, but rest assured this popular feature will be back in the next newsletter, if anyone would like to take part.

First, we have some sad news to inform you of, our fur-nephew Sonney who lived with our hooman brother and his wife in Oxfordshire has died.  Sonney was the brother of ex-Hope Dog Ben, and he had sometime called ‘aggressive cancer’.  The vets did all they could for him, but we are sure he’s now out of pain and in doggy heaven. Jess is going to miss having someone to talk Labrador with when we visit and this is why he takes centre spot in our personal collage.

Hope’s Christmas Special

Now on to some better news.  We want to send a big thanks to all our supporters out there who helped by sharing posts and donating money to enable Santa Maya and her helper Dejan to provide special meals for all our fur friends.  As you will see from the photos, they really did pull out all the stops to make it extra festive!

In these photos we have Riki, Roni, Lutak, Tajson, Abby, Lady, Varo, Vilma, Rafo, Pirgo, Astra, Bigi, Timmy, Kan, Bobica, Mala, Medo, Vule, Bear, Lola and Bat.  Not forgetting Santa Maya and helper Dejan

Your Christmas Photos

Here are some of your photos taken just before and after Christmas with your new hooman families.

We have Zelda (formerly Elsa), Elly, Meta, Alaska,  Mishka, Abbey, Benji, Dek and Snupy

Gai, Bella, Jessie, Lari,  Mason, Sukie, Charlie and Family

Benji, Austin, Jaimie, Poly, Charlie, Tedy, Luna, Benji, Cali and Suki

Luka (formerly Caramel), Gringo, King, Flora, Hattie, Tobi, Bari, Mason and Belle.

We love the common theme in the following set…we love our beds too (all of them, including the hooman’s)

Please accept our apologies if we have forgotten anyone, please be reassured it is never intentional.

Help and Donations Needed!

Hope VMS desperately need your help and donations. February 2021 was a busy month for rescues, as well as new adoptions. We still have Dingo who has an enlarged heart and it does not beat its normal frequency.  He is in rehab and we need help with his fees. We have the puppies little Suzi and Tilly who were rescued in November. They are growing up fast and they need to make room for them at the shelter by converting one of the buildings so they can be warm and comfortable.  

The team also rescued five puppies so far this year. Unfortunately, 3 became very ill and have also gone to Doggy Heaven, however we have Lucky and Becka still fighting.  They also rescued 3 new dogs from a kill shelter.  We don’t know their names yet, but they are currently in a “pension” to recover from their horrible ordeal before they can join the family in the shelter.

We would also like to show you some of our friends who have recently made recent trips to their furever homes in Germany.  We are happy to report that these include Robin and Meggie (who we told you about in our last newsletter), who were rescued from being chained up along with Enzo, Maya and Vara. They look so happy and comfortable already!!

To finish on a similar note to how we started, we want to show you what your help means to all our fur friends.  The photos below are the differences in the shelter over the last few years. This work could not have been done without the donations, the auctions, the sharing of posts along with the determination and hard work of all the admins and the team in Bosnia. We would like to send a big thank you to you all.

Once again, please accept our apologies if we have forgotten anyone, or did not mention you.  Sometimes there can be a delay from us writing the newsletter to it getting published.  However please keep sending us your updates!

If you do want to feature in our next newsletter, please just send us a message through the Hope Adopters group in messenger or contact one of the admins as they know how to send us secret messages!

Stay Safe

Love Maz, Seth (and Jess)

General - How To Help.

You can help our ‘Fur’ brothers and Friends by doing the following:

Sponsoring – There are over 60 dogs still in the shelter.  It can cost up to €15 for food and shelter – but whatever you can afford will do – everything helps.

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Also don’t forget to like and share our newsletter and details of the Hope VMS website.  We would like to hear how you are settling in to your new homes. Or if you have any interesting stories/adventure with pictures then please email us at and when our human parents are at work we will have a look and get as many as we can in next month’s newsletter!

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