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13 December 2020  |  Admin

Hello fur friends!

(Cue Star Trek Music) Devon and Cornwall the final frontier…These are the continuing adventures of Maz and Seth, their lifetime mission to seek out strange new places and pee on them! To meet strange new people and either mooch snacks off them or bark!  To boldly go where no Bosnian dog has been (and peed) on before!!

Hello fur friends, it is us Maz and Seth, the Hope VMS dogs at large! Welcome to the December edition of the Hope VMS newsletter.  In this quarter’s exciting and hopefully fun edition, we shall tell you about our adventures around Devon and Cornwall, update you on the situation back at the rescue home in the motherland and show you photos of our fur friends who have found new homes or have been just having fun with their new families.  

Our feature “a conversation with…” is back, and in this edition, it is with Jaimie!  

Hi folks it’s Seth starting for once as Maz is asleep on mum and dad’s bed.  Dad is at work. He seems to spend a lot of time at this place called work.  We have visited him there a couple of times and can’t see what is so great about it! Yes, his work friends give us strokes and feed us biscuits, but I still can’t see why he spends so much time there!!! Mum is working in the spare room.  To us it sounds like she is just chatting on the phone to her friends, but she claims its important! So, I thought I would try my new hacking skills and get on dads’ computer! Did you know that if you hit the keyboard thing enough times with your paws you can unlock it!!

Since we last spoke to you, we have continued to explore the amazing counties of Devon and Cornwall.  As you can see from the photos, we have not had chance to spend that much at the beach, but we have continued on those new walks that we found during lockdown that are not too far from where we live. As you can see, from our photos, when we are on our walks, we do, as dad says, ‘our Lion King impression’ and survey our kingdoms.  You can see for miles and miles….. and when Maz wants attention, he sneaks under mum’s desk!

Back in bit, I heard a packet rattle, and it is passed snack time!!

Hello friends it’s Maz here, as Seth said it was snack time, today for a treat mum gave us dried duck necks and some dried chicken feet! They are great! They have a great crunch and taste amazing! Food also distracts me from those nasty fireworks that have been going off!

To continue were Seth left off, (by the way Seth is currently sat on the sofa barking at the squirrels that live in the trees opposite our house).  We have also been back on Dartmoor; this time mum was taking photos of some old stones. We can’t see what’s so great about them but at least we can wander around, play chase in the mud and as dad says ‘read the newspaper’ while mum takes ages over a picture of a rock or flower! We have also visited our friends up at Paws at the Junction, which is not too far from where we live. Seth has overcome his fear of the ‘bridge of doom’ when he discovered he was missing out on snacks if we stand on the bridge thing so mum can take more pictures of us.

So now on to the important bits, the news! Before our conversation with Jaimie, we thought we would update you with some news, which we talked about in our last newsletter.  First, we have some sad news.  As you know last time, we told you about Richard who was an elderly dog and was sponsored by mum and nan, had finally found his furever home.  Unfortunately, he became ill and has since died of something called cancer! This is very sad news! But as you can see from the photos above, his final months were very happy and we are sure he is currently in doggy heaven and whilst he was only with his new family for a couple of months (thank you for looking after him so well), he will be greatly missed!

On to some better news, we also featured Gringo, a bigger dog who was struggling to find hooman parents who could handle him.  We are so happy to say that he has gone to a new family. (We like to think that we helped). Kika, Elle ad Benji have also been adopted.  Then we have Laura and Bella who have gone to foster homes.

Now an apology! In out last newsletter we forgot to mention Jaimie and her new home, so to make amends we have decided to have a fireside chat (as it’s cold and raining).

How long have you been in UK now?
3 months.

How have you settled in?
The humans seem nice, though I'm not completely sure about the little one! I don't like the small, black furry creature but he likes me!

Who do you live with?
Any fur brothers/sisters? 2 big humans and 2 little humans. One cat (that scares me!) And two rabbits!

What is your favourite thing about the UK?
Walkies in the woods and on the beach!

Have you changed since being in the UK?
I'm getting more confident and I have less fur - the humans are forever brushing me!!!

How is your English coming along?
Improving, though I'm not letting the humans know that!

Any confusing words?
'No' I just can't work out what they mean when they say it???

How does it feel to be bilingual?
Clever, cleverer than the humans!!

Have you been on holiday or do you have any holidays plans?
No, apparently there's some virus that's made all the humans panic - they wear masks and have things called lockdown?? Makes no sense to me!

What is your favourite treat?

What is your favourite toy?
I'm not really into toys, I have several but it's quite confusing- they keep trying to get me to play but when I pick up one of the little human's toys it gets taken off me!

What hobbies do you have?
I mostly like to eat and sleep!

What is the naughtiest thing you have done?
Nothing, I'm perfect!

Are there any dog friendly places you can recommend?
The woods and the beach are great! On the beach you can get very sandy and muddy - it's brilliant!

Any tips for your friends who will be coming to the UK?
Be patient with the humans, they need time to adjust. Every so often just go up and give them a big lick - this seems to make them happy!

We enjoyed this chat, and just love Jaimie’s new hiding place! Just let us know if you want to feature if any future newsletters.

Help and Donations Needed!

Hope VMS desperately need your help and donations.  First, we have Bella, who we mentioned earlier. Unfortunately, Bella’s first home did not succeed and after a couple of years, had to go in to foster. She now lives with some of our mum’s work friends and has settled in nicely.  They have taken her to the vet and discovered that she needed some dental work (13 teeth had to be extracted) and some x-rays on her hips, which turned out to be very expensive (over £900) and Hope VMS are helping to pay for this.

Then we have Dingo, he had to go to the vets in October and had to have an ultrasound and was found to have an enlarged heart and it does not beat its normal frequency.  The vets have prescribed Vetmedin for his heart, which are very expensive in Bosnia and Europe.  So, Hope need help buying them or if there are any vets out there, who can help prescribe them, please let the admins know!

Winter has landed already in Bosnia and Hope VMS have bought a second-hand wood burner, to help keep the dogs warm in the quarantine room.  They now need help buying the wood for the stove.   We will show you all the work that has been going on at the shelter in another edition.  The team are working so hard and the changes are amazing!!!

The Hope VMS team have also been very busy rescuing other dogs that have desperately needed their help.  We have Robin, who you can see from the photos above was tied up outside to a kennel.  They also found that Robin was blind!! This does mean that he will need extra care! Some of the photos above show Robin now that he’s in the pension getting use to people and other dogs before he can be moved to the main shelter.

In the same week, they also rescued Meggie the Husky, from being chained up! Naturally she is a little bit scared of other dogs, but as you can see, she is being introduced to them and little people!  

Also, in the photos, there are the two youngest members of Hope VMS, Suzi and Tilly!  They are staying in one of the rescuers apartments with it being so cold.  As they are only young pups, they need help with payment for special food and medicine.

Any help and/or donation that you can send would be appreciated!

Anyway…thank you for bearing with us for this extra-long newsletter, we hope you have you enjoyed it!  To finish here are some photos of our fur friends (including admin dogs). Some have been celebrating their “Gotcha Day”, some have been dressing up for Halloween or simply getting ready for Christmas.  Others have just been making the most of their new homes and families.

In the photos above and below we have Connor, Zuta, Paisley, Sky, Mia Gala (now Luna), Baron (now Austin), Bear, Aro, Vucka, Noiree, Mina, Rolo, Cali and Suki.

Did you know that Hope VMS have now had over 200 adoptions and / or fostered Dogs (and Cats)? Great work everyone!!


Please accept our apologies if we have forgotten anyone, please be reassured it is never intentional.  Sometimes there can be a delay from us writing the newsletter to it getting published.  However please keep sending us your updates! If you do want to feature in our next newsletter, please send the details to:, or just contact one of the admins as they know how to send us secret messages!

Live Long and Prosper

Love Maz, Seth (and Jess)

P.S Here is the Christmas list, for our Fur Friends still in the shelter….


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