Newsletter December 2018/January 2019 - Issue 05

20 January 2019  |  Admin

Hello Fur Friends,

Maz and Seth here...we thought we would type this newsletter whilst mum and dad are watching TV and Jessie is snoring her head off.

So what is new with us?? is turning colder and wetter here in the UK and dad has started studying again, so we are not able to go exploring as much as we would like to.  Though we did go and visit Hope Cove not far from Plymouth for the first time.  That has a beach and the coastal path between two beaches (and a pub for afterwards!)

It is coming to that festive time of year and Seth’s first mum has been trying to introduce us to Christmas dress up...we were not impressed! But on the bright side we got extra treats for posing.

She could not get all 3 of us together, but here are a couple of shots with our Christmas hats.


News from the homeland

Good News – Donnie is getting better and though the fundraiser continues for Bruno, he will be going to a foster in January.

Bruno's Appeal :

Thanks to the AMAZING Marlene Eeg, Hope has been able to build a few brand new kennels for the dogs! This is such a huge help for them as Bosnian winters are incredibly cold and hard on structures. The work was also overseen by some of our fur brothers and sisters!  The donations for the hay will also help to keep our fur brothers and sisters warm.


Tino has been adopted!  His new name is Marty and is now living in the Netherlands.

Abba has been adopted too! Her new name will be Abbey and she will have fur and human siblings.


Tara is being fostered in the Netherlands and Gypsy (now known as Mishka) is being fostered in Scotland.


Please keep us updated with news and photos on how you are all settling in.

We also have another 126 fur brothers and sisters in the homeland waiting for their chance to find a safe haven like us. Here is where your human friends / parents can find more information about them.

Adopt A Dog :

Conversation with....Cali and Suki

How long have you been in the UK now?
12 months and we celebrated our “got you day” with a gourmet supper!

Who do you live with, any fur brothers or sisters?
We live with our new mum and dad and human brother Alfie.  We also have our Auntie Molly, a rescue greyhound who we see regularly. We also have our Uncle Max who has just recently arrived from the shelter.  It was great to see him again and we love playing with him!

What is your favourite thing about the UK?
We are lucky and much loved with lots of cuddles, toys and walks.  We love walks on the beach and we go there quite often.

How is your English coming along?
Our English has come one really well, but in the beginning I (Suki) though my mum was asking for my paw, so I kept giving it to her and she kept repeating herself.  We have since realised that she meant the ball!!! So we don’t get confused, she calls the ball, bally now.
Are you looking forward to Christmas?
Oh yes...because last year we had lots of lovely presents and a lovely dinner! We have seen some pet crackers that must be for us too! We may even get some Pawsecco (which is similar to the human’s prosecco) to drink with our Christmas dinner.

Anything else you want to say about your new lives in the UK?
Although we miss Maya, Sanela, Adnan and Dejan very much, we love our life in the UK and we just hope that more of our “fur brothers and sisters” get the same opportunity that we did.  It’s thanks to them and to Denise Preston and the wonderful supporters that they have made our dreams come true!   

Have a lovely Christmas everyone and thank you again

Lots of Love and Licks

Well fur friends, that is all the news for this month, I hope you enjoyed our two new features.  If you have any interesting stories and pictures then please email us at and when our human parents are at work Maz and I will have a look and get as many as we can in next month’s newsletter!

All that is left for us to say, is a big thank you to everyone at Hope VMS for looking after our “fur brothers and sisters” and all our volunteers and administrators who do such as fantastic job in raising funds that helps the shelter and the dogs every single month.  We must also thank all our supporters, those who have adopted; fostered and donated money and items for our monthly auction throughout 2018.

We hope you have a fantastic Christmas and Happy New Year

Love and hugs

Seth and Maz (and Jess) xx

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