Newsletter August 2018 - Issue 03

28 August 2018  |  Admin

Hello Friends

Maz and Seth here  firstly an apology, sorry this month’s newsletter is late but we have not long since returned from our holidays in sunny Scotland (yes it was sunny).  While we were in Scotland we visited another Hope VMS dog ‘Ben’ a four-year-old boxer, who has been adopted by our human parents’ son and he now lives with his two new brothers Sonny a ten-year-old black Labrador and Iroke (pronounced like Yorick from Hamlet) a fourteen-year-old Jack Russell cross (we think he is part Staffie).

(Maz here) Things started out well, as I have known Sonny and Iroke for some years and it was nice to meet them again, and it was nice to meet Ben but Mr Grumpy pants (Seth) didn’t like Ben! (Seth jumping in!) It’s not all my fault, I just don’t like bouncy dogs or children! And as we all know boxers are very bouncy and excitable, but I did get on with Sonny and Iroke.

During our holiday we visited the beach nearly every day. Jessie our sister even went swimming but didn’t stay into long as the water is very cold!

Jessie our sister even went swimming but didn’t stay in too long as the water was very cold! Both Seth and I took the opportunity to chase lots of seagulls and also have a paddle in the water and yes it was very cold, we also had some amazing ice creams (dog friendly of course).

News from the homeland

Over the past month the amazing volunteers in Bosnia have been upgrading the kennels at the rescue centre so that all our fur brothers and sisters have a warm kennel for the approaching winter!  As you can see from the pictures Mo took personal charge of the workers and carried out a quality control inspection once the work had finished for the day!!

Mo was the first to claim her new kennel.

Help Needed!!

As some of know Bruno has a cataract and glaucoma. The vets in Bosnia are unable to operate, so he will eventually go blind. A very generous supporter has offered to pay for transport to our foster careers in the UK, who have kindly agreed to help. It will cost around £3000 for the operation which we are hoping to raise from the kind and generous help of our supporters.

Donate here for Bruno.

Fosters Wanted

Edy, Bety and Zuta are ready to travel but there is no room with our foster at the moment. We are desperate for fosters if anyone is able to help, or if you know someone who would like to adopt them then please let us know and we can get the process started!

Good News!

Another young puppy was rescued. Tino is just 4 months old and is now getting the love and attention that all of us need.

Kiki has been adopted and now lives with a loving family.

Kiki certainly looks like she has settled in well and is enjoying her new home and having fun days out with her family

Boa has also been adopted! Here he is taking a nap and claiming his new spot on the sofa!

Did You Know?

As well as the Facebook auctions Hope also have an Amazon wish list which can be found here

Hope also has their own shop... , which all helps to raise funds!

If you have any other ideas for fund raising then please let us know! For as you know we don’t get help from the Bosnian government so every penny raised is vitally important!

Well friends that’s it for this month, if you have any interesting stories and pictures then please email us at and when our human dad is at work we will have a look and get as many as we can in next month’s newsletter!

Love  Maz and Seth

Remember your flea and tick treatments folks as ticks suck!

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