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1 June 2018  |  Admin

Hi I’m Maz and this is my brother Seth. I was known as Maz and Seth was Svrco (yes I can't say it either).



Maz and Seth

We are both Hope Vms - Elaine's Dogs, and are now the editors of the rescue's new monthly newsletter.

Our human dad did volunteer to do this, but he has been busy with a thing he calls work (we don't understand that word, but he goes there nearly every day and won't take us with him!) and another thing called University exams! (???) So we decided we would do it instead, so forgive us if there is the odd grammar or spelling mistake as we are dogs and paws and keyboards don't go to well together! Also English isn't our first language.

In this newsletter, we would love to hear about your updates, show your pictures (NO CATS) of your adventures in your new lives and we will keep you informed about our fur brothers and sisters back in Bosnia.

So to begin with, a little about us. I’m Maz and 5 years old and I’m a walking teddy bear who loves to wrestle and hunt squirrels and cats. My name translates to 'cuddles/hugs' and I do like a good hug and to sit on your knee while you look at the strange box in the corner of the living room. My brother is Seth, we aren't too sure about his age and he doesn't know either. The nice people at the rescue shelter say he is around 7 years old but as a street dog, we can't be sure. We live in Plymouth, Devon with our adopted grumpy old sister Jess, she is a 14 year old black Labrador. In her prime she was a great cat hunter but is now too old and grumpy to chase them, although she says she still can, but she really can't!

Our human Mum and Dad like to take us on regular adventures around the county and we all love the local woods as it has lots of smells, branches to chew on and of course squirrels to chase! Jess likes to go swimming and will ignore Mum and Dad if there is water nearby. Both Seth and I don't really like swimming but do like to paddle as long as the water doesn't touch our tummies! Seth has to stay on the lead at the moment as he is not very good at coming back to Mum and Dad even for treats. Although it is funny watching Dad having to run after him, calling his name!


Our friend Tracy Lyn (the lightly mad dog lady who is one of the UK coordinators for Hope Vms - Elaine's Dogs, tells us that currently 125 of our brothers and sisters are still at the rescue in Bosnia, needing to find their furever homes. The little puppy Bramble will be leaving Bosnia for his new life with his new Mum and Dad in Plymouth in the UK in September. So far in June our furry sisters Dea and Leina have been adopted and left for their new homes in the UK. Kiki and Boa also left to travel to the wonderful foster team in the UK that help our rescue dogs find loving homes. In July Zuta, Edy and Bety will also be traveling to the foster homes in the UK, as long as we can raise the funds needed for the transport to get them there (hint hint).


This month’s award goes to the amazing Cath Day, who single-handedly managed to raise the full amount for the transport of Kiki to the UK by selling plants she grew in her greenhouse! Thank you Cath! You have helped change Kiki's life furever!


It saddens us to write this but the most incredible lady, who not only helped save us and keep us safe but has helped countless dogs over the years, the beautiful Elaine Irving passed away. Mum says heaven has gained an angel for sure! Elaine, along with her husband Don was a driving force and an inspiration to everyone involved in dog rescue, apparently there wouldn't be a website to put this newsletter on without Elaine. You may have noticed there has been a change to the rescue name, the humans at the rescue wanted to show how much they loved Elaine and make sure she was never forgotten! Seth and I think it’s really nice!

Seth and I spoke on the telephone to Mama Maya (as we call her) and she said this about Elaine.

"In honor of our angel, great friend, humanist and great-hearted person Elaine Irving! Your great heart has taught many how to love and how to help others. You were a Guardian Angel for our and other dogs. Your love is engraved deep in our hearts. You will always be part of us and eternally we will remember you and your incredible love for dogs and for all of us. We love you with all our hearts, dear Elaine" !!!

Me and Seth think that's beautiful, in fact it made Seth cry, (I did too but don't tell anyone).

Well friends, with 125 dogs still at the rescue to care for we can never rest on our bums and sleep in the warm sunshine ( like Seth and I do), the shelter needs a lot of money every month to help feed them and make them better if they are ill or have been mistreated. Please do whatever you can to donate, as every £, $ and Euro all helps in the long term.

Also there is the monthly auction that the Rescue team run on Facebook each month

We have been very clever and set up our own email address (don't let Dad know!) so if you want a mention in the next newsletter send us your pictures and news  (AGAIN NO CATS) and we will pop it in the newsletter so you can be famous like us! Email your stories and pictures to

Well dear readers it is time to go and tick off more things on our to do lists such as sleep in the garden, sleeping in the middle of the kitchen floor while Mum and Dad are trying to cook!! Or if Mum and Dad aren't looking, bark at the ginger cat that lives two gardens up from us, that likes to sit on the shed roof and annoy us!

Love from

Maz and Seth

P.S. As summer is here now, don't forget your tick treatments!

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