Newsletter January/February 2020 - Issue 09

9 February 2020  |  Admin

Hello fur friends!

Happy New Year to all our fur friends and your hooman families!

It’s your favorite reporters Maz and Seth, (fur more popular than that fool Paws-Morgan) bringing you the next edition of the Hope VMS monthly newsletter.

As you can see from the pictures our Hooman mum, Ann tried to get us into the Christmas spirit, and made us wear silly hats! Rest assured as soon as the gravy bones and other treats stopped flowing, the hats came off! No treats, No Silly hat!! (Seth butting in) as you can see Maz did enjoy showing off really!!

Judging by the photos above and below, we have not been the only ones who had to put up with the silly hats.  We have loved seeing our fellow foster / adopted friends and their new fur brothers and sisters enjoying the holiday season.

It was not just us who had all the festive fun either..just look at our friends still in the shelter who had a Christmas dinner to – thank you all who donated to make this happen.

In this month’s newsletter we shall update you on what’s happening in the motherland and we do have some great news about new adoptions and fostering.

But first, as normal a brief update on our adventures.  We have been out and about in the wonderful counties of Devon and Cornwall and the special county of Lancashire.  Thanks to the nasty wind and rain, our continuing exploration of these two counties has been limited; however our Hooman parents have taken us to some very wet and windy places on Dartmoor and surrounding areas.

Our big sister Jess has been up to Lancashire to see one of our Hooman Nana’s. Whilst she had fun, she said that it was a lot more busy with people than what we are used to, but she did report that in one of the local parks there were 100’s of squirrels that need chasing as well as ducks and lots of something called Seagulls! So we may have to investigate this and we will give you updates in the next newsletter!

On the cold and windy nights we like to snuggle up on the sofa and have lots of strokes and see what interesting snacks we can get off Mum and Dad! Whilst they do something called movie night.   As you can see, we are definitely getting use to our creature comforts.

But that is enough about us (for now) let us tell you what’s been happening over this festive period they call Christmas and the news from the Motherland.

First it is with deep sadness that we have to give you some bad news.  One of our friends at Hope in Bosnia, ‘Dule’ crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on the 27th December 2019. Dule had been known to Maya for over 8 years, whilst he was still on the streets with Vule, Simo and Daisy.  Our many supporters have helped over the past year with vet bills, and we thank you all for your support.  Dule was always full of life, loved attention and sang rather than barked.  He will be deeply missed by everyone.

Back to better news now….

Just as our last newsletter came out back in October (was it really so long ago?? time flies when you having fun…) Cath Day, one of Hope’s biggest supporters and one of Hope’s admin on Facebook (who does a great job with the auctions) visited all our fur friends in Bosnia along with Jan Thomas and Jamie Collins.  We believed they may as spent some time with Sanela, Maya and Adnan too (Though we all know the main attraction are the dogs)!! There are lots of photos and more details on Hope’s Facebook page of her visit (and a couple below) for you to look at in more detail.

Cath bought over £200 worth of treats with the money donated from Hope’s supporters whilst she was there. Maya has said that anyone and everyone is welcome to visit the shelter if you fancy somewhere different as a holiday destination and you can see the sights and all the hard work that they are doing to make our fur friends lives better!

Though there has been lots of hard work going on over the past few months, Hope still needs your help, especially with the following:

  • Vet Fees – these are currently over €500 to pay.
  • Rabies Vaccinations – these are due at the end of the January.  They have received donations for 19 dogs and 84 are still needed. These are just £10 per dog!
  • Finding new foster / adoption homes for the dogs and their travelling fees. It costs £320 to send a dog to the UK for transport and £40 for wellness checks.

As you may be aware, the Bosnian authorities have told Hope that they can only have a maximum of 80 dogs by the end of January.  Any donation, no matter how small helps towards finding one of our fur friends a new home.


Talking about new homes…, we’ve had quite a few our fur friends that have found new foster / adopted families.  We were so happy when we read about these we have nearly caused a tornado with the amount of tail wagging that we did…..What made us even more excited, is that we found that some of them were featured in our last newsletter which was our adoption / foster special edition, so we like to think that we helped!!

Here are some updates:

  • Cuta has made himself at home from the moment he arrived – a natural Brit!
  • Noiree is loving life with her brother Eddie, getting lots of walks!
  • Vucka enjoys playing with the girl scouts.
  • Skye (formerly Sarah) is getting along well with her sister Bee and adores her two human brothers.
  • Bruno loves television (some shows have to be censored as he gets too excited, a bit like us when we see squirrels!!)

Even some of the senior dogs who have waited years has finally got a chance to have retirement in some furever homes…

  • Meggi now has human siblings and has made herself quite comfy.
  • Alis now has human and fur siblings,  we are all thankful to Justine Fehler and Kirstie Abrahams for providing Meggi and Alis their new homes.
  • Cuta and senior Ketty have also found new homes.  Big thank you to Sally King for your help with this.  Sally’s son Joe has adopted Cuta and Dolores has provided the retirement home for Ketty.
  • Bety has bucked the trend and has gone to Germany rather than the UK.
  • We can’t forget Alaska, Aro, Noiree with her new brother Freddy, Mia Lara and Hamsa! We are grateful to Claire, Margaret, Carol, Clare and Dee!

Even more exciting, is that Hamsa and Lara are our new fur cousins (along with Tilly)!! We are hoping to have a Hope Reunion one day.

  • Aro has also been rehomed after the recent SOS as unfortunately his first home did not work out, thank you to Norman’s friend Margaret who was ready to adopt again.
  • Finally just this week we have found out that Zeus is on his way to the UK, he is being fostered by one of our adopters and his travel costs have just been raised!!

We cannot forget to say a big thank you to Denise and all at Claws and Paws for all their assistance in finding adopters and fosterers for all of our fur friends.

If any of your family or friends are interested please in finding a new fur member of their family, please just share this link with them.

Adopt a dog :

Our paws are getting tired now with all this typing and looking at these pictures (plus we don’t want to get caught as our parents will be home from work soon…)

So just a couple more things to remind you about before we sign off….

If you have not thrown them away already…please send your Christmas cards to Cath Day and her family, who are kindly raising money for Hope by making them into lovely Christmas tags.

Here is the link for any general donations which goes towards food, hay, travel costs, etc


Please keep on sharing and liking Hope’s Facebook posts, which helps our friends, find more loving families and keep bidding on those auction items.

Don’t forget every little thing helps Hope VMS.

Love and hugs.

Maz and Seth (and Jess) x x x


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