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26 August 2019  |  Admin

Hello Fur Friends,

Welcome to the Summer Edition of the Hope Newsletter.

As normal Maz and Seth here, before we start this month’s edition first an apology; we have been absent due to technical problems, our hooman Dad changed the password to his laptop and it’s taken a while for us to crack it! Since our last letter lots of things have been happening. In Bosnia, work has been taking place to upgrade the shelter, more of our brothers and sisters have moved to either foster care or to their new fur-ever homes.  We will tell you more about the upgrades later.  We also have a chat with Lara our fur cousin that lives in some place called the “Lake District” (We’ve never heard of it).

In our world apart from dad being a snide-poop and changing his password (who knew that dogs paw prints don’t match his finger print scanner thing! But we have it cracked now!) We have both had our summer haircuts and just in time before the hot weather hit! Seth reports although Maz didn’t want his bath after Nikki at VIP dog grooming in Plymouth had worked her magic on his coat!

Maz’s hair.

We have also continued to explore Devon and Cornwall and recently went up to Oxfordshire to see our fur nephews Ben, Iroke and Sonney (Maz here, Seth and Ben still don’t really get on, but we are getting better, his favourite his Sonney).  Our nephew Ben who is also ex-Hope VMS, lives with our hooman mum and dad’s son, he is fine and in good health and still as bouncy as ever along with Iroke.  Sonney the lab is a bit like our older sister Jess, a little bit grumpy and doesn’t like the heat, but their mum bought them a doggie paddling pool which they love, although Ben tends to hog it! We didn’t like the paddling pool, so we explored the paths along the River Thames and had a paddle.  Jessie our older sister had a couple of good swimming sessions in the river and we both had fun trying to chase the ducks!

On our travels but before our hair cuts.

We have been to a place called the Lizard and Rames Head in Cornwall, and had a walk up the coastal path and had fun time chasing the sea gulls! As well as going to the beach (Seth butting in, I don’t like the   beach as the sand / pebbles go between my toes) as with a lot of our walks on the beach or coastal paths we end up in the pub for lunch, we get snacks and doggie friendly ice-cream if we lucky and the ice-cream shop sells it! Dad is happy as he has something called a pint (?!?!?) and mum can have a wander around the (as dad calls them) ‘junk shops’.  We have also continued to explore Dartmoor, which we all love, Dad is a historian and gets excited about all the old buildings, Mum like to take photos of the landscape and all three of us enjoy exploring the moor and barking at the sheep, cows and the famous Dartmoor ponies although we aren’t allowed to get to near them.

News From The Homeland

As you know there has been constant updates after a surprise visit from the Bosnian authorities and there has been some extensive work that has had to be carried out at the shelter.  Below is an update from Hope from the end of June.

Shelter Renovations Update

The GOOD NEWS: The Bosnian authorities visited last week and were satisfied with the improvements overall. We still have a list of things that need to be accomplished - and they’ve given us an extension so we can finish everything.

So... next Phase is PHASE 4. For this phase, the authorities require new concrete in all outdoor common/play areas. Concrete is incredibly expensive and not easy on the dogs bodies. We’ve decided to do a fake grass that is dog friendly instead. Easy to clean, more comfortable for the dogs. Maya was inspired by the pension that is caring for our Mason and Dule (they are both at a small, quieter pension as both were quite ill) - We have tried real grass in the past. It doesn’t work with over 100 dogs and the Bosnian climate. The grass gets ruined and turns to mud.

From Maya “these are the partition between metal boxes that need to put a new sheet metal ... just you know what it is being done.. so sheet metal should be put in all the partition in boxes.”

The newly tiled floors

New drainage  

Here is a breakdown of what’s needed for Phase 4. In addition to the grass, we need new partitions between each kennel. ...
- 1 part is sheet metal for partitions in boxes 250 € and
- grass ( grass for one outer part 55m2 is 450€ and for second outer part 80m2 is 650€, total a full outer part about 135m2 is 1100€ with grass, the laying of grass, a sands under the grass and transport)”

TOTAL NEEDED: €1,350   UPDATE: €583 needed for Phase 4 as of Aug 3, 2019

Any donation is gratefully received and makes such a difference! If you’ve been following the updates, A LOT of amazing work has been done.

THANK YOU ALL for your help, kindness, love and support. It has been overwhelming and wonderful during such a stressful time. We are eternally grateful.

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Conversation with....Lara

How long have you been in the UK now?
I was collected by my new family in Oldham in the UK in the early hours of the 28th January 2019 (at half past midnight) and arrived in my new home about 2am in the morning.  I had been travelling for about 4 days and was very nervous of everything and everybody.  My harness came undone as my new humans were putting me in their car and I tried to run away.  But luckily the one I now know as my human dad caught me within a few feet.  I spend the next few days recovering from long journey just sniffing around this new place and new garden

Have you settled in?
I still get nervous around strangers and unexpected or quick movements and noises but I am settled into my new home.  I have my own bed, but I prefer the big bed which I share with my sister Tilly and my humans Richard and Denise.

Who do you live with? Any fur brothers or sisters?
I mentioned my fur sister Tilly earlier.  She’s a few years younger than me, bigger than me, much noisier and definitely much clumsier than me.  It’s taken me a little while to get used to her – she still thinks she’s a puppy – but I am starting to play with her a little and with some toys we share.

Have you changed since being in the UK?
I think I might have change a bit; I might be a bit more relaxed and comfortable.

How is your English coming along?
My humans tried to use some Bosnian when I first arrived, which Maya kindly helped them with to help me settle in.  Their accents and pronunciations were really funny.  I did know a little English because Maya talks to us sometimes in English.  I now really understand and get very excited at the most important words like “breakfast”, “dinner”, “walk”, “garden”, “treat”, “lead”, “good girl!, “sit”, “down”, ”it’s ok”.

Any confusing words?
I still don’t fully understand “toy” and “ball”

Have you been on holiday or do you have any holiday plans?
We recently went to the Norfolk Broads on a boat for a week. I liked the boat, I liked the Broads but I didn't really enjoy the long car journey there or the sound of the boat engine. I got really excited when I saw all the water fowl - the ducks, geese and swans. I don't normally make any noise - my humans have only heard me make a soft yip a couple of times - but when I saw all these water birds I just got so excited I was actually barking and pulling on my harness and wagging my tail. My humans also discovered that I am a very good swimmer. The boats moor up either stern (back end) or side. The first night it was moored up stern side and I was very good at just jumping straight off the boat onto the path to go for a walk. The second day we had to moor up sideways, but no-one told me. First thing in the morning we went out for a walk, I leapt straight off the stern and landed in the water! Luckily I am a very good swimmer and I was wearing my harness so was easily lifted out of the water by my human. I might like ducks, but they can keep the water...

What is your favourite treat?
My favourite treat....mmmmm I love cooked chicken. When we go on walks my humans have found that dried tripe sticks are my favourite. When my human mum gets those out there's no way I am leaving her side.

What is your favourite toy?
I don't really have a favourite toy but I occasionally have a nibble on soft toys when I think no-one is watching me.

What is the naughtiest thing you have done?
I am really a very good girl. I even guard the garden from the naughty fairies or goblins that dig the mysterious holes in the garden that have started appearing ever since I moved here.

Are there any dog friendly places you can recommend?
I live in the Lake District and there are lots of lovely dog friendly places around here. We spent a few nights at the Briery Wood Country House Hotel in Windermere which is a lovely dog friendly hotel. The staff were really nice and obviously liked dogs, and the food is divine. There's the fabulous West Shore Beach on Walney Island near me that stretches for miles. And, obviously, the Norfolk Broads has lots of dog friendly pubs, restaurants and cafes. I can personally recommend The Dog pub at Ludham Bridge.

Any tips for your friends who will be coming to the UK?
The journey across will leave you a bit traumatised and it will take you a bit of time to get over that. The humans who are fostering or adopting you will be very supportive and, in turn, will be supported by the wonderful people from Hope VMS like Maya, Tina and Cath - and everyone else who has adopted or fostered from them. It's ok that you don't really understand how to relax and play in a house, it will take time but - oh boy - when the idea of having your own family and home comforts really sink in it is such a lovely feeling for you and for your humans.

How To Help.

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We are sorry we did not get chance to give you any updates on the new fosters and adoptions in this edition, but we hope to cover those in our next one (we promise it won’t be as long next time).

Love and hugs.

Maz and Seth.

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