Newsletter Spring 2021 - Issue 14

2 May 2021  |  Admin

Hello fur friends!

How are you all? Welcome to the spring edition of the Hope VMS newsletter.  Both Maz and Seth here, our hooman parents have gone to something called a garden centre(?), so we thought this is the ideal time to start updating you on our adventures, news from the motherland and the shelter and share some of the pictures of our fur nephew and friends.

We start with some very sad news. Two very important ladies in our lives have recently crossed the rainbow bridge.  Our birth mother Nancy and our adopted big sister Jessica.  Nancy died at the shelter after a long illness, whilst Jessica who was two weeks short of her sixteenth birthday, went for a post snack snooze at lunchtime and didn’t wake up.  Both of them helped us to become the dogs we are today. Jessica taught us how to con our hooman parents out of more snacks, to work the big brown eyes and helped us get used to our new home when we arrived from the shelter.  (She was also our lookout when writing the newsletters, we now have to be move vigilant). Both were loved by everyone who knew them and will be sadly missed!

This month, the fireside chat is back – however it was moved to the garden since it was such a lovely day (and in keeping with the social distancing rules).  We have been chatting with Jack whilst the three of us laid down and enjoyed the lovely warm sun on our backs. 

[Seth here], I thought I would just let you know that I have been with my hooman parents for three years now! {Maz here, just to say I am coming up to my fifth Gotcha Anniversary} And whilst it did take me a while to settle in after being on the streets and in the shelter, I have now fully embraced the British lifestyle, and I’m really enjoying liffffffeeee hereeeeee….Cat! the cheek of it, it’s that pesky cat from up the road! [Maz here again folks] Seth is stood with his feet on the front windowsill barking at the local ginger cat that likes to sit on the fence outside our house, I think it likes to wind him up! We sometimes catch it (and the cheeky one who is now our neighbour!!) walking across our back garden, and sitting on our front wall, and when we do, they get told to leave and they leave very quickly!

Due to the local lockdowns our adventures over the past couple of months have still been limited to the local area and the area at the very start of Dartmoor.  The usual places we like to go to in Cornwall are too far to go to and the cafes and pubs (we like the ones that sell doggy snacks and dad likes the beer) were still closed (before the restrictions started to lift). However, we did still manage to get to one beach a couple of times, (we also managed to get some sneaky cake which mum and dad took with them whilst we were there). We have played in the woods, chased some pheasants, barked at the woolly rocks that are called sheep??!! But mum and dad still won’t let us play with them, they keep telling us we not allowed to! We have decided that they are just being mean to us! After all we only want to say hello!!  Seth has also gotten to play and roll in the fluffy grass and I (Maz) also got to pose for mum with her clicky thing she calls a camera!

We also helped one of mum’s friends with her gardening (and we visited her neighbours, when we shouldn’t have done, but we soon came back for cuddles).  We have also included a couple of photos of Jess showing us the big brown-eyed trick we previously mentioned and a rare photo of all of us 3 lying together in the same place. (Mum says we were sleeping, but really, we were keeping her safe whilst she was working, and it helped she had a heater which is just like lying in front of a fire).

So that’s enough about us for now…. let’s catch you up with news from the Motherland.

These are the recent rescues which we mentioned last time.  Cindy, Bonty, Zlatan and Brkica who are currently in the pension, but are / will be looking for new homes too.  

Hope has 4 dogs (centre photo) that needs specialist medical treatment and possible surgery in the future. 

1. Dingo. He has heart and possible neurological problems.

2. Mazie. She requires an examination and possible surgery for her leg.

3. Lucky. She was one of the pups who survived parvo but this could have left her with possible neurological problems and she has issues with her hind legs. 

4. Black Beauty. She has a problem with her front leg. 

They are seeing a renowned specialist vet and examinations and transport costs to see them cost over €350 and that is before any recommended treatment and / or medication!

The other photos above are of the latest street rescue who has since been named Dora.  The donations you send; help Maya and the team, rescue dogs like her from the streets.  Your donations also help with shelter improvements. Everyone has worked so hard to make the accommodation better (just look at the before and after photos). Our fur friends now have a bigger and better play area and you can also see how excited they are when food is delivered, which you (Hope Supporters) help to pay for.  

Here are couple of photos of the dogs that need a new home. Cindy is one of the dogs that is currently in the pension (more details will be added to the website soon).  There is also Tiko.  Tiko has been with Hope for some time now.  Our hooman mum and nan are sponsoring him at the moment as he has not had much interest.  Can you please help find them their furever home? 

So now would be the perfect opportunity to introduce you to Jack….

Garden Chat with …. Jack

How long have you been in UK now?
I arrived in the UK in September 2019, so it’s been just over 18 months now.

How have you settled in?
I am a very chilled-out chap so nothing really fazes me. I really love my human and fur friends in Bosnia but I feel very much at home here in Somerset.

Who do you live with? Any fur brothers/sisters?
I live with my humans, Luke and Bella. I like to rule the roost so I don’t have any fur siblings but I see my fur cousins all the time! I also have lots of furry friends in my village. I even have a girlfriend who comes round for playdates!

What is your favourite thing about the UK?
I love my sofa and all my comfy cushions. I also love how everybody in England calls me handsome all the time!

Have you changed since being in the UK?
Apparently, I have become much more confident and cheeky. My humans say I’m becoming more and more like a giant puppy! My legs are a little bit achier nowadays, though, so I do hydrotherapy and take some clever pills that make me feel better.

How is your English coming along? Any confusing words?
I’m an old man so my hearing is a bit rusty but I get the gist of most things, especially when food is involved! My humans use hand gestures with me and that helps a lot!

Garden Chat with …. Jack (cont’d) 

How does it feel to be bilingual?
I guess I’m quite a clever boy? My humans always tell me that!

Have you been on holiday or do you have any holiday plans?
Since I’ve been in the UK, I’ve had lovely holidays in Snowdonia and Devon, and also enjoyed a couple of local weekends away. As long as I have a sofa in the holiday home, I’m happy!

What is your favourite treat?
I’m obsessed with chicken! Hot dog sausages are also amazing! Oh, and popcorn!

What is your favourite toy?
Toys aren’t really my thing nowadays, but I do love things like lickimats and snuffle mats as they involve food!

What hobbies do you have?
I love napping as much as I can. My humans say that I run and growl like mad in my sleep, and they always laugh at me when I wake up all confused. I also like getting tummy rubs while lying down in the park.

What is the naughtiest thing you have done?
I have explored the bin a couple of times and I always kick my mummy and daddy when they have the audacity to take up any of my room on the sofa!

Are there any dog friendly places you can recommend?
I loooove walking along Weymouth beach, and the big park in Blandford (Dorset) is always full of friendly doggies.

Any tips for your friends who will be coming to the UK?
Humans in the UK are crazy about dogs and they will love you very much, so don’t be too scared. Oh, and make sure you use those Bosnian puppy-dog eyes as much as possible. Lots of treats will come your way!

If you would like to chat with us for our next newsletter, just drop us a line, email, message etc….

Since our last new letter, Vule, Mule, Simon and Caesar have been adopted.  Here are some photos of them and other rescued woofers (and cat!)  having a relaxing and / or adventurous times with their new families…

Here’s Harper, Luna, Misko (one of our mortal enemies… a cat!!), Simon, Tobi and Toby.

Here’s Bella going sailing with her new mum Ami, our fur nephew Ben with his favourite rabbit and teddy, Bari, Donnie (darker dog) with new sister Megan, Ela, Mule and Vule. 

In the following photos we have Alaska (on the right) with sister Snow, Aro with cat sibling Bow (how can they be so nice to each other, we are confused??!!) Bear (now known as Honey Nick), Beauty and Diesel with their family, Caesar (who is not impressed after having a bath) Ella and Lary.

We hope you have enjoyed our latest newsletter.  Please accept our apologies if we have forgotten anyone, have gotten any of your names wrong or did not mention you.  Sometimes there can be a delay from us writing the newsletter to it getting published.  However please keep sending us your updates!

In our next newsletter we will be showing off our new haircuts (the first ones of the year).If you do want to feature, please send just send us a message through the Hope Adopters group in messenger or contact one of the admins as they know how to send us secret messages! 

Stay Safe

Love Maz and Seth

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